Scottsdale Car Auctions Net $249 Million

It’s not often you can see so many million + dollar cars lined up. Even the great automotive museums of the world can struggle to put together such a line-up. But if you were in Scottsdale towards the end of January, you would have been able to see an incredible swathe of automotive deliciousness at the world-famous ┬ácar auctions.

The $249 million worth of vehicles that changed hands included classic Ferraris as well as rare race cars like the McLaren F1 GT-R. The market is definitely picking up for these classic vehicles with revenue rising 14% over last year. It seems that the car market is following the art market with prices for classics soaring.

But it’s not just the rich who are benefitting from access to auctoins. eBay is an auction site where much more prosaic vehicles change hands. And for those who are more adventurous and buying cars from overseas, the Japan car auction houses can be a great place to buy, as long as you have an exporter like Integrity Exports ( to handle the exporting work for you.

Basics of Car Auction You Should Know

ID-100183950If you are interesting in buying a car then you may want to find information about the different ways of accessing a new or used car. One of the ways you may stumble upon is car auction. This is a method whereby cars are sold to anyone who is the highest bidder.

In many parts of the world, car auction is a popular option to dispose of new or used vehicles and many people use the opportunity to buy cheap. Yes, there is a high chance that you are going to spend a significantly low amount when shopping for a car through auction, whether it is Japan car auction or any other type of auction.

Car auction could be physical or online. Some auctions require the participants to be available physically at the spot to make bids, while some others require bidding to be made online. In the latter case, you can bid for a car of your choice from anywhere or any part of the world as long as you have a computer and Internet connection.

Whichever method of bidding is applied, the principle usually remains the same – the highest bidder is awarded ownership of the car. And of course this means the highest bidder gets to pay the highest amount, whether or not it is worth the real value of the car, at the end of the day.

You may be wondering how car auctions come up their stock of vehicles. Well, there are many sources of supplies for these auctions and the most common ones include: vehicles donated to charities, cars repossessed or recovered by the government, private car owners that wants to sell their cars, and dealers or companies that want to dispose of excess vehicles.

You can inspect the condition of vehicle before making a bid at the auction; however some auctions do not allow this. If you win the bid at an auction, you are expected to pay up promptly.

Car auction could be opened to the public and some could be closed to a group of persons or members. More so, you should know that some car auctions are specialty car auctions and they sell certain class or brand of cars.

Finally, car auction is a means of buying a new car however you should research your options well enough before going for a particular type. The internet offers a lot of options in terms information on how to make the most from car auction.

One of the recommended sites is this Japan car selling site. But of course you should do your due diligence before deciding which site to use for this purpose.

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